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Desember 2022

MEST 2022

The 6th Mechanical Engineering, Science and Technology (MEST2022) International conference is an annual the Mechanical Department of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta event. All possible writers from universities and other organizations are invited to submit papers. The conference is a forum for academic exchange that provides a prompt presentation of articles on experimental, numerical, and theoretical studies that shed light on the critical topics of mechanical, thermal, fluid, and aerothermodynamics internal flow, heat and mass transfer, multiphase flow, turbulence modelling, combustion, engineering thermodynamics, thermophysical properties of matter, measurement, and visualization techniques. Contributions range from intriguing and significant research immediately applicable to industry development or practice to high-level student textbooks, explanations, distribution of technology, and good practice ...
20 - 21 Des
Online Conference
All Day
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